Besides our best private jets in the world and private luxury business jets, we are also known for our best charter helicopter services. We have a lot of experience with professional helicopter charter services. We provide helicopter services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with personalized services tailored to your needs and tastes. For short personal journeys, remote business travels, or any other journey where a direct air transport option is not accessible, our economical and convenient helicopter services are available. Explore our bespoke helicopter rental plans if you're wondering about the best packages for couples or how much it costs to rent a helicopter.

Jetpooling's helicopter charters provide a level of freedom not seen in fixed-wing aircraft, with the most apparent benefit being point-to-point flying, opening ways for an adventure tour and travel holidays. We have a fleet of the most efficient and modern charter helicopters. Their capabilities allow access to remote areas and city centers, with the ability to land at helipads, hotels, and even private properties, where space permits, making them one of the most flexible and suitable aircraft types for traveling to remote, crowded, or otherwise difficult-to-reach destinations.

Our fleet of charter helicopters is always available for business or transports from airports to ski resorts, yachts, events, or sports stadiums.